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Wrt54g2 validating identity

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Note It's recommended that you use the Migration Guide to progress through your import.

With the Atonomi Network and Token, we can unleash the power of Io T.

Atonomi is being developed by CENTRI Technology, creators of Io TAS – Internet of Things Advanced Security.

We accomplish this by building and incentivizing an ecosystem of participants to maintain decentralized consensus for device transactions on the Atonomi Network.“Secure interoperability is essential for the Internet of Things to reach its full potential.

The Atonomi blockchain technology vision for a global service that enables secure transactions and commerce through device identity and reputation is something Arm is excited to see realized.” Vertically focused Io T companies are building diverse new applications for both controlled and autonomous device-to-device interactions, but the attack surface represented by billions of Io T devices – most of which are now unprotected or poorly protected – could enable hackers to disrupt the services that is expected to control many aspects of our lives in the coming years.

Key participants such as OEM/device manufacturers, distributors, device owners and auditors are anticipated to seek Atonomi Token rewards for participating in the Atonomi Network.

Trust and reputation enable security which enables interoperability among Io T devices.

The Atonomi Token is used within the security protocol for device registration, activation, reputation management and commerce transactions.And cryptocurrency provides the ideal mechanism for supporting autonomous device-to-device transactions in the Io T.In the absence of digital tokens, devices would need to be equipped with credit card processing capabilities that require a far larger footprint on resource-constrained devices.By building on the Atonomi Security Protocol, application developers can unleash the power of Io T.Since the inception of blockchain technology, developers have recognized its potential for protecting the Io T.Io TAS features certificate-less, hardware-based ID to establish trusted devices without the need to exchange and manage certificates.The CODEC provides simultaneous data encryption and compression to protect data while saving bandwidth and storage costs.Atonomi’s reputation protocol is a key enabler of a future consisting of trusted devices securely interacting in an autonomous manner.Token to Facilitate Services in the Atonomi Network.Atonomi intends build a global ecosystem to enable the secure, trusted interoperability of Io T devices through identity and reputation.Our vision is to tokenize the identity and reputation of devices on the Atonomi Network leveraging Ethereum, while utilizing the token as a means to drive ecosystem participation.


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